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Interview with Milroy Goes

Category:  Audio & Visual Editing

1. Could you please tell us little bit more about yourself, about your growth curve and getting to where you want to?

In my school days I was famously known as an Artist. Many of my teachers suggested me to go for Fine Arts. But I opted web technologies and got my carrier as Web Designer / Graphic Designer. I had a long desire to know about filmmaking.

I always use to fantasize being an actor. Once, I got little opportunity to appear in Bollywood movie "ONE TWO THREE", while they were shooting at Cuncolim KTC Bus Stand; they wanted a crowd and especially some people to buy tickets and I was in the queue. I saw the equipments and the way they direct. And that influenced me much more.

2. You are a perfect example who is way ahead of others in turning imaginations into actions. Can you please share with us during all these formative years of yours, at any point, had you ever thought you would reach where you are right now?

Well, I believe in God and I give all glory to Him for binging success on my path. While I was working on my debut short film script "VENGEANCE" I came across Khabir Moraes an excellent cinematographer. He was so supportive and encouraged me a lot and together we formed GOESCOIN PRODUCTION.

This short film I've sent for SONYPIX SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, although I did not achieve any limelight much but my actors made it too popular in college and had 3 foreign (Afghani) students from Rosary College Navelim (Abdul, Waheed, Faizal) they made it so hit among their community and in their country. And so thus I was picked up by Allan Fernandes to make his English feature film CROSSROADS.

My editing and visual effect skill was too impressive that he offered me to edit his whole movie. So there was no doubt of reaching the heights of my dreams. Everything was just flowing as surprise. My skills were highly appreciated like Directing, Scriptwriting and Editing.

3. Your appetite for life to achieve more looks like insatiable; can you please shed some light when exactly you decided to pursue your dreams?

Yes, never ending dreams. I always dream BIG. My debut short film VENGEANCE bought me fame and CROSSROADS added more fame. And being a publicity designer and vide song editor for MaryJo De Mello and Khabir Moraes has added much more.

And when I participated at International Film Festival of India (IFFI 2009) with my second short film UNEXPECTED, it was like asking too much for my fame and name. Thanks to my actors: Regina Dias, Keith Miranda, Terence Pimenta, Rajiv Moraes and Production unit Allan Fernandes and Khabir Moraes; all equally gave their best. When my movie was screened during the festival, it was really a great feeling. Tears of happiness rolled and it was so big for me. That's not the end; I'm still working on more projects.

Lot of fame added and I got Mallailum song shoot project, and then introduced to Tollywood. Still this is bit less for me, you are right my appetite for life is insatiable. I'm working on my next short film script.

4. While doing some research on you, I realized that at a young age, you always wanted to make it big, who was your role model then and who is it now?

My Dad always encouraged me, he never insists on me to stick to one, although I was into too many activates. Painting, Sketching, Composing poems, web designing, graphic designing, film making, scriptwriting, directing, acting. (Oh yes, I had a small role in CROSSROADS and which was well appreciated by my friends and fans.)

My Dad would always a role model to me; although he was not into similar profession and I don't think role model has to be the same profession but every little thing that motivates one going, is more than a role model to me.

5. As people say success begets success and without doubt it aptly applies for you. Could you please let us know about the secret of your amazing success as you made such a quick rise? Can you please share the same with our readers?

I believe in GOD, and I believe in myself that every little impossible I embrace with possible thought. There is nothing impossible and that's when you dream Big...

6. To say the least your journey must have been a saga of ups and downs. Could you please share with us the firsthand recount of your not so happy yet enriching experiences? Can you please enlighten our viewers/readers the major hurdles you faced and how did you overcome them?

Some of my friends discouraged me a lot. They were never so positive on me and were asking me to quit thinking films. But I took this as a challenge and overcome so much of hatred and despair. My advice to the readers: Never give importance to weird sayings, if you have your goal set and positive mind... keep going until you achieve your dream. Don't give up!

7. In such a short span of time you have achieved a lot which brought laurels from all corners for you. With all these impressive un-ending list of achievements, which honors gives you maximum satisfaction?

My short film UNEXPECTED, gives me maximum satisfaction, and besides a song video MARIA MARIA by Danny & Cerin, where my editing and visual directions skills were highly appreciated by TV Channels.

8. Your fans, say you are an eternal optimistic by nature who always strives for perfection. People generally take a while in learning power of disagreements but you are known for even taking criticism as an opportunity to improve. Could you please share with us the toughest criticism you have ever received?

Someone once said to humiliate: "it's impossible you alone be Film Editor, Scriptwriter, Director; all in-one for one movie." And I did not step back... I proved that is possible by making two movies (VENGEANCE & UNEXPECTED) as all-in one.

9. Can you please tell us something about the various activities that keep you busy in your spare time? Are these also related to your current profession?

I'm always busy doing something or the other. We have formed a group called "GOANS ON FACEBOOK.COM" and I'm always hooked to it (Thanks to Norbert Dsouza & Adlina Dcruz for their support). Or sometimes, busy designing Graphics or Website. Sometimes doing pencil sketch of my friends or celebrity.

Or sometimes on shoot locations, directing or coordinating shoots. Or sometimes busy working on scriptwriting. Or most of the times meeting friends, enjoying with them.

10. Success in some way is about creating extra-ordinary results with limited resources and you are generating lot of waves despite experiencing so many hurdles in the past, can you please tell us which has been your best or 'unforgettable' performance till date?

Directing and working with actors of UNEXPECTED is really unforgettable...

11. You are known for your creativity, can you please tell us any innovative idea you are trying these days? What's going through your mind these days?

Well, lots on my mind. I'm never blank... I have couple of plans for my next films to hit soon. I'm currently working on my next short film script "ALL ARE SINNERS" where I'm gonna introduce a song from American R&B singer K'LONI SKY. I'm much grateful to her for giving me rights freely and trusting on my work.

12. I really appreciate your Attitude of Gratitude and the way you keep mentioning various people for the guidance provided by them to you. I am sure it would be quite interesting to know, who supported you most in your career and kept the hunger continuously alive in you?

Yes, I'm not alone. I have many friends, fans and they keep me going. Without them I'm nothing at all. I would never miss an opportunity to thank them in every little thing they do for me.

13. I know you have a burning desire to scale new heights and needless to say you must be having some specific goals which must be driving you. Could you please let us know about your specific goals at this stage of your career and where do you see yourself evolving in the next five years? Can you please also share what are your future plans?

I have great plans with my GOES|KIBZ PRODUCTION, well not forgetting to mention GOESCOIN PRODUCTION is in joint venture with Khabir Moraes. Have big dreams and to change the whole saying 'Goenkars are susagad'; but we Goenkars are talented, susagad but innovate. Whether in Films or Music we are always since long ago..

14. Would you recommend the younger generation to follow your foot steps and become like you? If yes, What path(studies, courses, experience) do you recommend for the younger generation should choose, to get into Video Direction like you?

Yes, it's possible with anyone. And those who dream of films must give a try. Watch Hollywood, Bollywood movies, learn from there and that's the best I can suggest. When I watch films, I see the way they edit, they direct or the way the scene is been shot and the way actors illustrate the scene.

There is no rule for editing, directing or acting. It's unending like music...

We wish you all the best in your career and in your life as you scale even greater heights!!

Posted on: 02-03-2010

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